My Do’s and Don’ts

This week was a knowledgeable and interesting week for. I read and reviewed  the two articles instructed for the class to read. I thoroughly enjoyed both articles. I find that formulating some form an outline is the best decision  to getting the ball going when starting a blog. Personally, I rarely ever create an outline before starting anything that should require one.  I know that may sound crazy, But its true. Many things I essentially go for what I know and expect a great outcome. Such as school projects, essays, research papers, wardrobe decisions , and a plethora of things. However, I found it to be extremely helpful with focusing my thoughts and ideas. I am person that is  constantly thinking. I believe I tend to overthink and sort is all of the place mentally. So I find myself rambling and switching from one topic to another. Which is not necessarily  a bad thing. My personal thought process can become problematic when its time to  put my digital pen to the paper.  But with learning the tips from these article will in turn make me a better blogger. I will definitely be reverting back to this article throughout the semester(  The main do’s of writing a blog such as being relatable in your bl0g is the most important to me. I believe when you read a person’s  blog one would like to a person through and through. And I intend to show another side of myself throughout my blog.


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