Customizing & Organizing Your Website

This week was simply a hectic week to say the least. I was personally overwhelm with work and other class assignments. This week was an overall mess. I watch these two wonderful and knowledgeable videos that in some way settle the madness in my student life. I didn’t have a clue at first as it related to organizing my website’s home page. But after viewing these instructional videos I was ready to give it a go. Before , I had a different outlook to designing my webpage. An outlook that was more focus on the cosmetic of the web page versus on the content of the page. I found that these tips really help me streamline my thought process. My goal is for my audiences or my viewers to have a opportunity to digest all of the content on my webpage.This is the particular video ( illustrated the number of ways to make any webpage interactive on your home page. Also, I never really paid attention to the number of websites that were so interactive. In the video you were able to see the importance of being a hands on type of home page. I am a frequent online shopper. Many of the clothing websites that I visit are very interactive. Next, the article( gave a terrific overview on how to really structure the content itself and everything else that you have to offer.  Its very important to create a  separate page for each service that you may have to offer. Lastly,  the idea that your website should really have the same layout as a restaurant menu really made me realize that this concept is a workable one.


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