Access and Accessibility…

In this week readings and videos I learned how to make my website more accessible for the many people that are disable. Disabilities that can cause  physical speech ,cognitive, neurological, auditory and visual complications. just a fun fact. According to the United States Census Bureau, nearly  1 and 5 people in the United States of America has a disability. In correlation , about 56.6 million people had a disability in the year 2010. That is 19 percent of the United States of America ( Our class had to read an (article And in this article it talked about the true meaning of web accessibility. This term was an unfamiliar term for me. Oddly enough I have never really thought about many people with disabilities as it pertains to the web. It was honestly an eye opener for me. So lets break it down for you. The web is primarily designed to fundamentally work with all people in several fashions such as, software, language , hardware culture , location, physical and mental ability. The web accessibility  simply means that many people with disabilities can you the world wide web.  After viewing the video ,( I now understand that the many websites as well as mines included, should always have the create web sites that are designed to meet the needs and preferences of non-disabled and disable people alike. The video highlighted many tips as it relates to web accessibility. Which all are helpful. I think that if you make your website easy to navigate many consumers will flock to you site. With that in mind I will revamp my website to cater to all users.


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