Content Management Systems and the way it works…

This week I had the pleasure of watching  a video ( that explain in great detail the function of  Content Management Systems. It is a system that was put in place to help consumers such as college students that are setting up their first website, or that first time business owner that needs a kick start  to its business’  webpage, etc.  Content management systems simply helps consumers organize and house any information that one may need to make a webpage an efficient one. CMS essentially acts as motherboard for consumers to do any administrative tasks under the sun needed and desired for their  webpage. CMS is a way to formulate a  website of an existing platform. Quite frankly , I believe the content management system I would highly suggest to a business or company would be WordPress. WordPress is super easy to navigate and work through. I have personally  had the opportunity of using wordpress . I love that fact that you can manage everything through a web browser right  in the comfort of your home.  with word press you are the sole proprietor of all information. If you have an online store you are able to put up images and videos of your product for customers may see. Through word press you have the ability to render blog post , add and edit content through a visual mode and html mode. Also with wordpress you have a function that is called plug ins. This functions allows you to add things such as facebook sharing , facebook comments, add address books, feature business directory. Word press ordinarily doesn’t have that function in its core settings. Above all, it is that best recommendation.


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