This particular week has been a very knowledgeable week for me. We learned about coding as a relates to web design. And I tell you that it was very difficult at first. I never really knew that coding existed existed in a fashion quite like this. But gratefully there are A plethora of websites that strictly focus on a user learning how to code. The link that was provided for us to read over was packed with useful information ( This article quickly delved into the many websites that were out are out there for web design training. There is an array of web design training resources. What did many different web design training online resources Really loved W3 it really stuck to the manuscript in regards to the basic building blocks of a website. And it really teaches you the basic steps and HTML and CSS. As I briefly comb through the website I quickly noticed how I was able to navigate through the website with such ease. Also the use of very straight forward and simple language was a great addition. It is very similar to our class that we are here. Next , we talked about the topic MOOC (massive open online courses) . Through the reading ( about massive open online courses think that online teaching Will be super prevalent of many university classrooms as well as private and public schools. Although face-to-face interaction will always be the best learning to ever. I thoroughly enjoy being face-to-face in my CA 260 class.



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