SEO’s and How they work

What is a SEO? Have you ever heard of a SEO?  Many people may or may not know what a SEO is or its function. If you are any thing like me you did not know what it was right off. I will tell you a little bit about it.  After viewing this (video ,…

No-Fashion This Week, New Show Alert

I am not going to post fashion looks. This week I simply want to tell you about this new show on Netflix called ” Thirteen Reasons Why”. It is amazing! I just started watching the show today. I instantly was glued to the television.  If you are looking for a show to binge watch, then,…

YEP! More 2k17 Fashion Looks!

In this photo I am attending to 2017 Black Heritage Parade in Mobile, AL I am wearing an all white look! Sweater: Ralph Lauren Jeans: Pacsun Shoes : Topman

Domain Names….

This week , the class learned about domain names and also the domain services that are available to consumers.  If a person is considering running and operating a website they should really think about their  domain name. Many people may have a hard time deciding their domain name. It requires  a person to be thoughtful…

2K17 More Mardi Gras Must See Looks!

Here I  stand in between two beautiful women and I am wearing a Ralph Lauren ensemble. My whole look  is designed by Ralph Lauren. Except the shoes , shhhh , they’re Cole Haan! Lol