Domain Names….

This week , the class learned about domain names and also the domain services that are available to consumers.  If a person is considering running and operating a website they should really think about their  domain name. Many people may have a hard time deciding their domain name. It requires  a person to be thoughtful and creative to come up with a domain name. if you are a business owner or planning to start a business , you will find out that your domain name can be very beneficial to the business.  The domain name illustrates to your potential customers that your website is a legitimate  and professional.

So lets think for a moment. How much does your domain name cost? I think the cost will be in the $50-$150 range if i had to guess. However, according to, my domain name “aaronlafrance” was only $12.99. That is not a bad price for a domain name. Especially, considering other cost a business owner or  website developer may have encounter. Surprisingly, my domain name was available for use. Would I purchase a domain name? Yes! I would. I plan on creating a clothing line very soon and a domain name  will be extremely helpful.  I think $12.99 is just a small investment into yourself or company. They’re many websites and services  that are free to use such weebly.  I think that its a great alternative for people who might not want to spend the money. In essence, whatever domain name that you think of let it be one that is unique to you and your business.


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