SEO’s and How they work

What is a SEO? Have you ever heard of a SEO?  Many people may or may not know what a SEO is or its function. If you are any thing like me you did not know what it was right off. I will tell you a little bit about it.  After viewing this (video , I know now that SEO stands for  search engine optimization.  SEO it simply a method that was designed to help people like  you and me search the internet in a very manageable way.  It allows every day internet users search the web  for practically  anything. Knowing and understanding the sheer function and the content of the SEO can be essentially to a web designer.  Here are three ways that I would use SEO. One way is the keyword targeting.  Lets say a friend is looking for your website about clothes and shoes, keyword targeting helps the search engine  find what the users id looking for. Secondly, i  think that link building is the perfect tool to use as well. Adding your a link to your website by way of Facebook , blogs, and other entities is a great way to increase traffic to you page or website. Lastly, keeping and maintaining a high reputation for your website is simply a great way if utilizing the SEO. The one downside I believe is that many computer users that know about SEO and also how to operate the SEO system ,it is quite possible for people to manipulate it. They could simply add links to to increase more traffice and attention to thier page. All is in all, SEO is a great resource .


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